Personal Versions

Before installing GuiPy, a version 3.7 or higher of Python should be installed. Python can be download from

A 64-bit version of GuiPy works only with a 64-bit version of Python and a 32-bit version of GuiPy works only with a 32-bit version of Python.

Download the latest personal version of GuiPy and run the installation. GuiPy will start and is ready for use.

Special Versions

Besides the standard installation it is possible to install GuiPy as portable software or for a PC room. Download the current special version, unzip the zip file and run the setup.exe program as administrator.

Use the corresponding button to select the desired installation folder. This can be a local folder or a folder on your network. In the latter case you use either the UNC-notation \\Server\NetworkShare\GuiPy or a network drive letter.

For a PC room, installation in a network folder is preferred, as a required update only needs to be made on the server and configuration presets can be made for all users.

In the GuiPy folder the file GuiPyMachine.INI is created, which contains the protected configuration settings and the global settings for all users. From this file GuiPy reads the path of the GuiPyUser.ini file, which contains the user-specific configurations.

As you can see in the picture, it is possible to use the %Username% variable to specify the path for GuiPyUser.ini. Normally this path is located in the user's home directory.

To set configuration settings globally for all users, copy them from a GuiPyUser.ini to the GuiPyMachine.ini file.

Portable software

You can select the „Portable application“ option to install GuiPy as portable software that runs directly from a USB stick. GuiPy will then automatically use the drive of the USB stick.

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